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Minutes of meetings date back to 1934 and make reference to earlier activities, and it's believed that the club was founded in about 1918.


Records show that at the beginning of the club's existence members played on other local courts, long before the grass courts were constructed on the current site in Blind Lane.


The two grass courts were used until the mid-1980's and Sunday afternoon play was very popular with cucumber sandwiches, delicious cakes and tea being an enjoyable part of the tennis.  The land was rented at the time from the owners of Hunter's Farm and they agreed to provide the club with additional land to build the single court.


It was inevitable that the grass courts would become a problem for the future and one night one of them was completely ruined by more than twenty molehills!!  A plan was needed to take the club forward and monies were secured to construct two hard courts and to purchase the freehold of the land.


The "Shed Club House", with its drop down tea-serving hatch and lift up storage seats was the next part of the club to be improved, and it was replaced with the "Sussex-style" one that you see today.  Floodlights were installed a few years later.


Improvements to the facilities remain ongoing with re-surfacing of the double courts and car park, plus upgrades to the interior of the club house all being completed within the last six years.


The club is proud to have such a facility to offer residents living in the local community; we are actively seeking to make further improvements that will upgrade what we already have and to provide additional facilities to enhance the game of tennis.

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