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For those members who like their tennis with a more competitive edge we run teams in local Sussex leagues.  Any club member is welcome to join in.


During both the winter and summer we have one men's team and two ladies' teams, and in the summer we also field a mixed team in second division of the Horam League.  The men's and ladies matches comprise two doubles pairs, with each pair playing a three-set match against both the opposition pairs.  The Horam League matches comprise one men's pair, one ladies' pair and one mixed pair, with each pair playing one three-set match.


Our Captains are Pat Tugwell (ladies' first team), Gill Hemsley (ladies' second team), Peter Whitworth (men's team) and Sue Austin (Horam League).  The Sussex League and Horam League fixtures for summer 2024 are shown in the document below and are included in the calendar on the News & Events page.

Sussex League summer 2024

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