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Membership fees are usually due on 1 May each year but if you join the club part-way through the year the fees are likely to be reduced.


The fees for 2023/24 should be paid by 31 May 2023 and are

  • Single adult £135.00

  • Couple £240.00

  • Junior (under 18) £25.00

  • Family (two adults plus two children) £285.00

  • Parent/coaching £25.00


The “Parent/coaching’” membership category is for parents with a junior member who is aged under 10 where the child receives coaching or the parent wishes to use the club’s facilities to practise with their child.


If you have any questions about joining the club or membership fees, please contact our Membership Secretary using the button below.

Please download an application form (below), which should be completed and returned to the Membership Secretary or left in the post box on the outside of the clubhouse..

Application form 2023-24

Further details about senior and junior membership is available by clicking on the buttons below.

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